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Protector of the Sky

The exquisite Moon Dragon is the inspiration behind the very first collection of “DIERMEISS by the dragon lady ” which is aptly titled ‘Protector of the Sky.’


Till date, menswear in India has somehow always gravitated towards tried and tested methods & generic designs. It is time to get experimental and push things beyond the ordinary.

“DIERMEISS” explores the dialectical relationship between innovation and conventionalism. Both have a role to play in the new fashion story coming to the forefront this decade. All “DIERMEISS” garments have been incorporated with bold details. The explorative use of the trims makes the collection unlike anything that is currently available in the market. We have derived the color scheme from the hues of night sky, a time favored by the magnanimous ‘Moon Dragon’. The fabric used in the collection is premium linen, cotton, and Italian suiting. All raw materials and production have been sourced and conducted ethically. Our brand believes in conscious design and at Diermeiss we ensure minimum wastage and Multi-use consumerism.

This collection exudes confidence & power. It is a perfect amalgamation of traditional techniques & cutting-edge design to create outfits that not only fit like your second skin but also feel comfortable and luxurious.

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